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  • FLATE’s sTEm centered, industry-connected curriculum site was awarded a 2011 Best Practice Award for Excellence Integrating Needs of STEM-Enabled Programs into Engaging Curriculum and Educational Outreach Resources from stemFlorida.
    FLATE’s online resources for educators contain complete, ready-to-use lesson plans, presentations, and curriculum objects. Lesson plans include print-ready handouts for students as well as items which may be adapted or used individually. Middle and high school level classroom materials are designed to enrich science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) classes, and provide fun and easy ways to integrate STEM focused activities into mainstream curriculum.  These free instructional resources provide students with real world scenarios relevant to manufacturers throughout Florida, and focus on the “T & E” side of STEM.  Each lesson plan gives teachers the materials needed to engage students with authentic and sometimes unresolved challenges faced by manufacturing companies today. Shared online through FLATE’s educators’ BLOG linked from FLATE’s Made in Florida home page at
  • Alternative Energy Curriculum
    This presentation contains 16 modules which are ready for teachers to use or adapt to middle school, high school, and college curriculum as well as providing professional development for STEM K-20 teachers. Developed in partnership with the Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC), these presentations are used in FLATE’s Summer Energy Camp for Middle School Students and FLATE’s Summer sTEm Energy Camp for Hillsborough County high School teachers. Shared online through FLATE’s educators’ BLOG linked from the Made in Florida home page at
  • sTEm-at-work Puzzles
    Award winning sTEm-at-work puzzles have been developed as alternative / supplementary materials that can be used in all high school science and first level college courses.  The puzzles are short snapshots of real world sTEm scenarios, providing enough information for the reader to “puzzle” out the solution using inductive and deductive reasoning, critical reading and interpretation skills. The “yes-no” answers allow teachers to focus on either the sTEm concepts within the puzzle (that vary for every puzzle), the problem solving strategies that can be used to come up with the answer, or the theme that runs in a group of puzzles. The sTEm-at-work puzzles can be used in the classroom, tied to the specific content as an modern application, or be used as homework or extra curricula /extra credit opportunities. In addition to providing fun, applied contextual content, it is increasingly important that students gain an appreciation of the critical role that science and mathematics plays in engineering and technological advancement. Shared online on the FLATE homepage at